• Santa Cruz Community Ventures

    Santa Cruz Community Ventures

    Our nonprofit arm equips people with tools to achieve financial security.

    • Programs for low wage earners to build assets
    • Protects members from predatory lenders
    • Promoting childcare for low-income families
    • Building community
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  • Financial Education & Outreach

    Financial Education & Outreach

    Financial education is an effective tool to create financial security.

    • See upcoming schedule
    • Guidance on making a budget
    • Workshops on saving and home ownership
    • Education and business creation workshops
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  • Community Partnership Lending

    Community Partnership Lending

    Programs to provide loans to people who might not qualify otherwise.

    • Low rates to meet needs of under-served
    • Collaboration with community nonprofits
    • Loans between $2,000-$5,000
    • Terms from 1-2 years
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  • Free Tax Assistance

    Free Tax Assistance

    Helping members get their share of the $6 million in unclaimed tax credits in our community.

    • Assistance with Earned Income Tax Credit
    • Your credit can equal a full month's wages
    • For individuals and families
    • No preparation fees
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  • Community Visa Donation Fund

    Community Visa Donation Fund

    Our innovative Visa® program works for you and your community.

    • We donate 5¢ to charity every time you use card
    • Donations spread to five local charities
    • Members select charities each year
    • No fee application
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  • Member Spotlight

    Member Spotlight

    Read how SCCCU membership has helped local businesses reach their goals.

    • Surf shops to plumbers to ice cream makers
    • Real life stories of dreams coming true
    • SCCCU loans and service in action
    • See how we'll help you!
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