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Financial Education & Outreach

SCCCU's financial education program strives to promote family financial security by introducing the principles of budgeting and saving and access to affordable financial products and services. SCCCU offers financial education workshops to members and throughout the community.

Want Solutions to Help You Get Ahead?

Are you tired of having too many bills and not enough money? Perhaps you'd like to put together a family budget that's right for you? Would you like to understand your credit report, buy a home, or lay out a plan for your financial future? Santa Cruz Community Credit Union wants to help.


Financial Education Workshops

SCCCU offers ongoing free financial education workshops throughout Santa Cruz County in partnership with Santa Cruz Community Ventures (SCCV), its nonprofit affiliate.


The Basics of Budgeting and Saving

We discuss the benefits of having a spending and saving plan, including reducing financial stress and building a healthy financial future. Participants prepare a simple income and expense worksheet, look at the reasons behind their buying habits, and explore ways to change certain habits to benefit financially.


The Benefits of Banking

The world of banking has shifted. We'll help answer questions about core differences between credit unions and banks and how to avoid predatory practices (payday lenders, pawn shops and tax refund anticipation loans). Participants will also learn the differences between credit cards, secured credit cards, pre-paid cards and debit cards, as well as, safe online transaction practices.


Managing Credit and Debt

Credit does not have to mean debt. We offer practical tips to avoid debt, fees, high interest rates and common marketing traps. We'll also discuss the importance of reading the fine print in credit card offers.


Credit Reports and Scoring

Understanding our rights and responsibilities to access and influence the information in our credit report history is important. We'll discuss how to maintain an accurate record, properly handle disputes and what we can do to positively manage, repair and establish our credit history and score.

You can also call (831) 460-2345 or mail a check to:

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