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Free Tax Assistance

There are thousands of dollars available to working families in the form of tax credits. SCCCU will provide free assistance so you can claim your tax credits without having to pay any preparation fees whatsoever. Volunteers are available throughout the county from now through mid-April. Please download our 2017 Schedule here.

Each year more than $6 million in tax credits remain unclaimed in our membership area. SCCCU is committed to helping our community recapture these dollars. Many low-income families don't know the credits are available or don't know how to claim them. Our free tax preparation clinics change that.

For many families this service is invaluable, and can result in receiving credit equal to an entire month's wages. A single mother working full-time at $9.70/hr., raising one child would receive $1,615 in Earned Income Tax Credits (the average EITC refund for Santa Cruz County), and the equivalent of an 8% raise. The potential impact of this service is staggering; serving 500 "average" families would bring $807,500 into the hands of those who need it most!

For more information on receiving free tax assistance, call VITA Coordinator at SCCCU at (831) 460-2361.

Volunteers Needed
Did you know that one hour of your time can boost a low-wage working family's income by as much as $4,824? We are recruiting new and returning volunteers to support our free tax assistance and financial education program.

Last year, 32 volunteers assisted over 400 families. The average tax refund equaled another month's wages for low-income, hard-working families. This volunteer opportunity makes a real difference for families in our community; so please join us!

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