Share Certificates

Using a Share Certificate, you’ll lock in your funds for a specific time period to help you save for the things that matter most. And with a fixed, guaranteed return on your investment, you’ll watch your money grow faster than you would by investing in a traditional checking, savings, or money market account. Get more details about SCCCU Share Certificates.

SCCCUArtboard-1SavingsPiggy_50R.jpg     Savings Tip: It’s an excellent idea to allocate 20% of your income toward financial priorities, such as building up your emergency savings or retirement fund, or paying off debt.

Share Certificates

What You Should Know about an SCCCU Share Certificate

Features and Benefits


  • There is a minimum balance requirement of $2,500 to open your Share Certificate and earn dividends.
  • You may be penalized if you withdraw from your Share Certificate before the term ends.

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