"To Become More Nimble" - An Update on the Santa Cruz Branch Downtown Relocation

July 24, 2020

Over the past several years, the Credit Union has been considering relocating our main office in Santa Cruz to another location in the downtown area. Not only will this move enhance our ability to serve members more effectively, but it will allow us to focus our efforts on being the true community credit union we envision. The following are the three key reasons for this change:
  • Parking Issues and Changes. Although the Santa Cruz parking department has been outstanding in their efforts to support the Credit Union, our member and employee parking area has become less safe over the past few years. More people now live in these parking areas, many of whom need care that is available through mental health and drug treatment programs. We’ve received many calls from members stating they are uncomfortable coming to the Credit Union to conduct financial business at our downtown location. One of our parking lots has been sold to a developer and the other is up for review and available for sale in September 2021. We've been told that the city plans to sell the parking lot to the same developer at that time. That means many of our members and staff must park on the street now – something we prefer them not to have to do.
  • Downtown Redevelopment. The Credit Union’s Board of Directors reviewed the City’s redevelopment plan and made the decision that we didn’t want to be left behind in their vision of a beautiful new downtown area. As Santa Cruz’s true community Credit Union, we want to be part of downtown, not a bystander! With that said, we are currently in a relationship to sell our building and find another smaller location in the downtown area. Ideally, we’re looking to find a spot where we can own our parking – although we know owning parking may not be feasible. But above all else, downtown Santa Cruz is our birthright and part of our history so we are deeply rooted there.
  • Downsize to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint and Enhance Member Service. Our plans to relocate include the option to downsize our branch, reducing our carbon footprint, and giving us more opportunity to provide additional access in unique ways to our members. In this effort, we would potentially relocate back office and management to a non-retail location in the county. None of us need or want elaborate offices, so our focus will continue to be on ways to enhance the experience members have when they walk through an SCCCU branch door or use any of our digital services. We have created a Member Access Plan to focus on how to provide better Credit Union access for members, whether through new micro-branches or ATM locations throughout the county. Our goal is to be nimble enough that all members will have the opportunity to access SCCCU from wherever they may be. In light of the current pandemic environment, this plan has become even more critical. 

Whatever we decide to do, nothing will likely happen until 2021. We will continue to keep our members updated and look forward to finding new and unique ways to serve you throughout 2020 and beyond.

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