Rural Development Loans

We can provide loans through the USDA Rural Development Program. This program helps create jobs and stimulates local economies. Most importantly, it can help your business succeed.

SCCCU will work with you to simplify the process. Though the funds are federally backed, all decisions and service are made locally by SCCCU. Many area businesses, cooperatives, and nonprofits are in a qualified designated rural area. Come see if this program can help you.

Rural Development Loan Details

What you need to know when opening a Rural Development Loan at SCCCU.


  • Special programs to make loans available
  • Low, competitive rates
  • Federal USDA program
  • Local service from SCCCU
  • Local decision-making
  • Use for fixed assets, working capital, real estate, refinancing debts, and much more


  • Must be in designated rural area

SCCCU can assist with multiple USDA programs including Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program (B&I Loans) and Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant (REDLG).